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Joe Biden has set the withdrawal deadline for 11 September, but it comes amid escalating violence.

The government will bring some "vulnerable" Australians home after its travel ban ends next week.

A musician and his sister in Yangon have been filming for the BBC in Myanmar in the aftermath of a coup.

Tracking radars are following closely the gradual fall to Earth of a large Chinese rocket vehicle.

The country is responsible for 27% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report.

Export growth soared 32% in April as demand jumped for goods from the world's second largest economy.

The incident in Taiwan shows a tendency to allow child abuse in the name of discipline, experts say.

Health experts want the version B.1.617.2 to be made a "variant of concern", the BBC has been told.

Emergency relief is flowing into India but concerns are mounting about delays in supply.

Mohamed Nasheed is having surgery after the suspected bomb blast in the capital, Male.

Shareholders voted against outgoing boss's $10m bonus after sacred Aboriginal shelters were destroyed.

The "blind box" craze sees people order a box containing a mystery animal that is sent in the post.

Australians in India feel betrayed by their government despite a plan to evacuate some stranded citizens.

Getting trapped in a boy band reality TV contest was just the start of Lelush's unlikely journey.

Truck driver Ben Stamatovich uses a drone to capture rugged landscapes on his journeys across Australia.

Kane Tanaka, 118, says she's worried about spreading Covid-19 to others in her nursing home.

The cost of hotel quarantine in the UK is too high for some families, who have had to delay their return instead.

Experts tell the BBC that delays in decision-making worsened the crisis of India's second wave.

Two Olympic hopefuls tell the BBC about the mental health impact of the delay to the Tokyo games.

Wearing her wedding dress, dairy farmer Jessa Laws waded into knee-deep mud to aid a pregnant cow.

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But many of the local election results are still to come, with further results expected throughout the weekend.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer comes under fire after the constituency elects its first Tory MP.

England’s list of “green countries”, with fewest restrictions, is expected to be released later.

Parts of the eighth, ninth and 10th floors of the 19-storey building in east London are on fire.

Health experts want the version B.1.617.2 to be made a "variant of concern", the BBC has been told.

After a year of closed galleries, the 2021 nominees are all groups who have all "inspired change".

Kent's chief constable says police still have no motive or suspect for the murder of Julia James.

The boy's family has released two pictures of the 13-year-old, whose body was found last month.

The stars says the lockdown forced him to ask: "Who am I without Wembley Stadium saying, 'you're awesome'?"

Millions of people have marked their ballots, but there could be a long wait this year.

National elections in Scotland and Wales and local elections in England took place on 6 May 2021.

Find out how to keep up to date with live election results on TV, radio, online and on social media.

The BBC is not allowed to report details of campaigning while the polls are open.

Voters are heading to the polls in England, Scotland and Wales - and so are their canine companions.

As cases of domestic abuse rise during lockdown, disabled victims can face particular challenges to escape their abusers.

The star explains why his second album took so long, and how his son inspired a new face tattoo.

Lockdown spurred many people to invent new products, but how did they get to market?

Aaron Cook's path has been unique. An icon of taekwondo, the British-born fighter is still chasing his dream of Olympic gold - for Moldova.

It's Europe's most popular cultural event and the Netherlands will host it despite battling a third Covid wave.

An amateur drone photographer captures an unusual angle on a Yorkshire seaside landmark.