Top 10 Indus Club, Priorities & Issues for Pakistan

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Obviously many of these feed into others, hence some perceived issues have not made our list. We would welcome comments and views on these priorities/issues.

1. Effective Leadership
The country has been ill served for most of its existence. leaders committed to developing the nation, eg not investing personal fortunes abroad

2. Education
Necessary to expand and generate innovative growth in all sectors, and alleviate poverty

3. Economic Development / Energy Issues
Geographical location should be a big asset. necessary to become a force for good in the world

4. Security / Terrorism
Difficult, given the vested interests of neighbouring powers, however c.25 years ago Pakistan was a beacon of security and non-violence

5. Land Reform

6. Corruption
Can be achieved, eg most sections of the forces, motorway police, etc. necessary to allow progression based on merit and rule of law

7. Population Control

8. Healthcare

9. Sectarian Differences
Religious / provinces

10. Regional Peace

Pakistan has the potential to be a leading nation in the world, not just the region – but there have to be concerted and selfless efforts to address the priorities & issues.

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