Scottish Citizens Tartan Glasgow City Chambers (Attire’s Mind)

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Scottish citizens photographed in Glasgow City Chambers

In six years of Attire’s Mind. Today is an exception, because what you can see here is of such moment.

Scotland has officially created a tartan to honour its Muslim citizens. This is far more that simply being a sop. This is a signal that they are not only just a full part of Scotland now, but family. Clans, as defined by tartans, are large scale families, and the totality of them encompass the family of the Scottish people.

As most of us have, felt bereft and sad about the darkening trend of our world. Things like this makes us smile, and makes us see that we are not finished, we are not entirely trodden under. As long as we can see such an acknowledgement of the presence and value of a community of people in our midst, we will continue to be hopeful.

We hope the Muslim people of Scotland can wear this tartan with pride.

Honestly, this is the face of the growing global community, and this is the face of the future of the Attire Language.

Here are the meanings of the various parts of the tartan you see:
– Blue to represent the Scottish Flag
– Green to represent the color of Islam
– Five white lines running through the pattern to represent the five pillars of Islam
– Six gold lines to represent the six articles of faith
– Black square to represent the Holy Kabah

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