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The US is trying recover debris from the suspected spy balloon that fell in shallow waters off South Carolina.

Relations between the superpowers are in limbo as America's top diplomat postpones his trip to Beijing.

Masayoshi Arai was dismissed after reportedly saying he would not want to live next to same-sex couples.

The country's internet regulator says the ban will remain in place until all material is removed.

Poulami Adhikari played in India's under-16 team, but had to stop when her family fell on hard times.

The Australian tennis star avoids a criminal conviction over the incident in Canberra in 2021.

Indian opposition leaders demand an investigation into the Adani Group amid allegations of financial fraud.

Deaths in the country, which for long had one of the lowest Covid death rates, peaked earlier this month.

A video of a teenage boy covertly licking communal soy sauce bottles has sparked a national outcry.

The new note will feature a design that "honours the culture and history" of Indigenous Australians.

CCTV footage reveals the movements of the man who blew up a mosque on Monday.

Australia's highest-ranking Catholic was accused of failing to tackle child sex abuse in the Church.

Experts say the country, facing heavy sanctions, is turning to crypto theft to fund its nuclear arsenal.

Washington says the Solomon Islands post - back after a 30-year absence - is a crucial engagement.

Experts say the use of the inflatable could be intended to send a message to Washington.

Washington now has more access to Philippines military bases facing the South China Sea and Taiwan.

The business tycoon has seen billions wiped off his wealth after a US investment firm's scathing report.

Critics say a plan to dump all the Marines' battle tanks to prepare for a Pacific war makes little sense.

Panchayat centres around a young man from a city who is forced to take up a job in a remote Indian village.

Australian experts joined forces and methodically tracked down the hazardous pea-sized device.

UK News ~ BBC News

Police have traced a woman in a yellow coat who was walking on Garstang Road on 27 January.

The ex-PM's comments are the first detailed remarks she has made since she was forced out of No 10.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps said energy firms need to refocus their efforts on customers who had prepayment meters forcibly installed

Police say their concern over the whereabouts of the couple and their newborn 'continues to grow'.

The Trevelyan family, who owned more than 1,000 African slaves in the 19th Century, will also pay reparations.

The head of the UK's biggest nursing union tells the PM "meaningful offers" could avert strike action.

Sir Ed Davey says a higher minimum wage for the sector would help prevent an "exodus" to better paid jobs.

The My Beautiful Launderette author said losing the use of his limbs had been "illuminating as well as terrible".

Kyiv says Chris Parry and Andrew Bagshaw's remains were handed over as part of a prisoner swap.

Timothy Welch was adopted when he was six weeks old and found his birth mother 58 years later.

Brighton waste company Lord of the Bins say they face the prospect of spending thousands to rebrand.

The hit TV series has left its mark on those living on the fictional beat of Sgt Catherine Cawood.

Pilots are being run around the UK to see if electric wallpaper could be an efficient way to heat homes.

How the late inventor of cat's eyes, Percy Shaw, got his eureka moment.

Paul Noakes, 76, says costs have forced him to retire and close his family business.

Smart meter in home displays can be a useful budgeting tool but for some they become a source of stress.

A friend of the missing 45-year-old mother says there is 'still a missing piece of the jigsaw'.

Police say there is a 10-minute window in which they believe Ms Bulley vanished.

The 45-year-old was last seen walking in St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire, last Friday morning.

The 45-year-old was last seen walking in St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire, last Friday morning.