New Interior Ministry policy allows citizens over 25 to own armoured vehicles

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An Interior Ministry policy notification acquired by DawnNews on Thursday which pertains to the import, modification and ownership of armoured vehicles reveals that ordinary citizens aged 25 or above are eligible to own armoured vehicles.

The policy states that any Pakistani citizen will be able to own armoured vehicles provided they are at least 25 years of age, of sound mind, and haven’t been nominated in any ongoing investigations or convicted of a crime.

Additionally, they are required to be tax filers possessing a valid identity card, must have a national tax number, and have not already obtained authorisation for two bulletproof vehicles.

The applications of citizens who have paid at least Rs10 million in taxes per annum will be processed on a priority basis and issued within ten days after submission of all relevant documents, the policy states.

The new policy supersedes all previous policies and also stipulates the rules set for public bodies, armouring companies, foreign missions and international organisations.

Armouring companies submitting applications must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, must possess an NTN, file annual tax returns and provide bank statements, and provide documentary proof of a company plot or location.

Additionally, the details of machinery and equipment as per defined standards must be provided along with a no-objection certificate issued by security agencies, and details of qualified and skilled manpower.

The applications of firms that have filed at least Rs50m in taxes per annum will be processed on an expedited basis, the policy says.

According to the new policy, if the licence to own an armoured vehicle has not been used for over a year, it will automatically expire.

The Interior Ministry’s policy applies to all armoured vehicles except those owned by the Pakistan armed forces.

Source: Dawn

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