PM Modi (Ex Chief Minister of Gujarat) refuses to talk further about ‘2002 Gujarat Riots’ which lead to deaths. A man with a Massacre on his hands.

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Narendra Modi bears a responsibility for some of the worst religious violence ever seen in independent India. And the standard apology for Modi comes in two parts. First, there is normally an acknowledgement that the ex chief minister of Gujarat bears some vague responsibility for the orgy of killing and rape that engulfed his state in 2002 – but, um, wasn't that all a long time ago? And hasn't he behaved himself since – or, as the FT put it yesterday, done his best to "downplay tensions" between Hindus and Muslims?

This is followed by pointing to Gujarat's rapid economic development and an appeal: shouldn't the rest of India enjoy some Modinomics? Or, as Gurcharan Das, the former head of Procter & Gamble India, put it in a piece for the Times of India last weekend: "There will always be a trade-off in values at the ballot box and those who place secularism above demographic dividend are wrong and elitist."

Source: The Guardian

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